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RL Controls Partnerships

RL Controls, LLC (RLC) is a Boston based company with extensive technology with onboard vehicle and wayside systems to the mass transit rail and bus industry. RLC provides and performs:

  • OEM Representation for ITS, PTC, AVI, WiFi, power connectivity and conversion
  • Vehicle Communications & Public Safety Professional Communications (PSPC)
  • Project Support & Implementation
  • On-Vehicle Installation, custom cabling and interconnectivity on vehicle and onsite
  • Build, Test, Kit & Repair
  • Alternate Source and Manufacture for Buy America
  • Assembly from initial development to final
  • Inventory Control to include QA/QC and Warranty Support

RLC is uniquely suited to support the systems in mass transit as we align with both vehicle and wayside.

We are agile, adaptable and cost effective to coordinate soft and hard issues supporting organizational and OEMs objectives as we understand the impact of their actions.

RLC’s Quality Management System (QMS) has been approved by New Jersey Transit (NJT), Alstom and Ansaldo. New Jersey Transit represents the National Transportation Quality Consortium.

RLC is a certified DBE/WBE in 34 states and federal SDB/8A.

RLC’s mission is to provide timely and quality customer service and support. We work with our partnerships and/or organizations to meet goals and objectives to provide tangible results.