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MBTA logo

Client: MBTA

Vehicle: Wayside AVI

Provide custom built AVI cases, antenna and inductive loops for the Green Line Automate Vehicle Identification Project

Client: Hyundai Rotem

Vehicle: CTC/BTC Car

Inspect CTC/BTC Cars for fit form and function, make field modification/ corrections, track with approved documentation.

Client: Nomad and Amtrak

Vehicle: Various Coach and Café Cars

Perform the installation of the Nomad passenger WiFi solution. RLC commissions equipment for proper operation, warranty support, creates electrical drawings & installation instructions.

Client: MTA Maryland

Vehicle: ABB LRV

Communication system upgrade and implementation, ETN, Diagnostics, Passenger Information, APC & wayside, Currently performing CDR's.

Keolis logo

Client: Keolis

Vehicle: Kawasaki, Bombardier, Pullman and MBB vehicles

On-going service, repair & calibrations to communications, control, HVAC & vital systems.

PanAm logo

Client: PanAm

Vehicle: Wayside

Wayside Signals, GE Electrocode, Battery Chargers & Power Supplies.

MBTA logo

Client: MBTA

Vehicle: Neoplan LF40

Provide personnel (labor) and equipment to install the HVAC, Modine, Horton on-site for MBTA Neoplan Bus OH.

Client: MTA Baltimore

Vehicle: Various NF, NABI's, MCI and Neoplan

Installation of AVL/APC/CCTV.

Bus Monitor

Bus Switch


Bus Rack Radio Cabinet

Nomad Antenna Mount

PTC Exterior Equipment

Train Wheel Sensors

Field Mod Train Control

Older Aspect Display Unit

9 Aspect Display Unit

Nomad MetroLinx Rooftop Antenna

Nomad Metrolinx WiFi

Nomad MetroLinx Rooftop Antenna

Event Recorder and ACSES II test set-up