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Supply, Modernization and/or Manufacture for Mass Transportation Industry

We know that non-conforming services, products and production can be costly, time-consuming and just generally frustrating. RLC with its partnerships provides rapid and cost-efficient modernization solutions from engineering support of obsolete systems, standardizing through multiple revisions, short production runs for equipment integration and installation.

RLC works to develop proof of concept or prototyping to validate on-board vehicle systems used for FAI, Pilot to Production in mass transit. What we will need:

  • Size of Pilot/Production Run
  • Delivery and Turn-Around Time Requirements
  • OEM Drawings and Schematics
  • Bill of Materials (complete with part numbers and descriptions) and/or existing supply chain information
  • Minimum Standard Required
  • Required Test Procedures
  • Sample Assembly (if possible)

Engineering support that provides Test, Inspection, Commissioning, Repair and Warranty Support

RLC offers a full range of services that covers bus rolling stock and right of way to provide functional and full system testing.

RLC is a Stocking Distributor and provides Procurement and Supply Chain Management with Inventory Control

RLC provides MRP to support the MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operation) in the mass transit industry. RLC’s quality solutions allow for inventory control, kitting and delivery of complex intelligent vehicle systems.

  • RLC will take on all procurement and inspection for quality; technical configuration and programming; assembly of major and sub-assemblies; wire harness builds; including all inspections, tests, and tracking of final kits created for delivery to your site.
  • RLC will validate these systems on-site by performing the initial installation in preparation for production, or can aid with all installation including production.
  • RLC will adjust our processes to include those with which we work, and will share this information via a SharePoint portal.
  • RLC will securely warehouse all equipment under our control as required per contract.

RLC is a dealer and authorized service center for Harris Communications, a leader in communication systems and networks for Public Safety and we work with their Professional Communications Division.

RLC performs Installation, Modernization, Integration and Commissioning of Intelligent Vehicle Solutions and On-site Service and Support, Field Service Maintenance and Repair to Intelligent Vehicle Systems

RLC works diligently with Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM’s) to establish a working relationship within the US for system installation and commissioning for various intelligent vehicle and wayside solutions for ITS, CAD/AVL, LMR, WiFi and PTC. We perform all work, or oversee and manage other integrators depending on location requirements.


RLC places a high priority on our testing and measurement process. RLC will develop a test strategy with you as part of our service; all equipment is calibrated and tracked as identified in our quality program.

By having a history of specializing in modernization and component level repair we understand the need of control systems to support the design of custom test fixtures to dynamically test and validate all equipment we work on. This is supported by documentation as part of individual quality control/assurance programs ultimately leading to customer satisfaction.

We track all information for conformity to ensure consistency with the work we perform. We work with our partners to ensure that quality and timely performance is tracked and maintained at all times.

Positive Train Control, Propulsion and Onboard Monitoring

RLC supports propulsion system(s) stateside.

Automatic Train Control/Operation (ATC/ATO) on Older Systems

RLC repairs and calibrates vital relays, speed governor and timing modules

Right-of-Way and Carbone Signals

RLC provides engineering and test support on the MBTA blue line project; RLC also repairs and calibrates WABCO signal amplifiers and decoders, National Railway power supply(s), Harmon/AFTAC, Electro Pneumatic corp., Safetran Systems and others.

RLC is a distributor for Railcomm LLC to provide equipment, service and support. www.railcomm.com

HVAC Systems

RLC rebuilds and repairs component level for systems originally manufactured by Stone Safety, Ogontz, Sigma and Faiveley.

Wire Harnesses

RLC uses their expertise and cable/harness testing systems to build and test harness assemblies as requested by our customers.


RLC works with communication and technology manufactures to support mass transit to provide complete on-board communications solutions.

  • Harris Corporation’s, RF Communications Division, has selected RLC as a Dealer and Authorized Service Center for radio communication equipment.