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Transit Agency Support for Vehicles and Wayside

OEM Representation for ITS and PTC

Vehicle Communications and LMR

On Vehicle Installation

Warranty Support

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On-site Rail Installation, Products and Support

Inspection Services and Field Modifications

Project Support and Implementation

Testing and Commisioning on-vehicle on-site

OEM presence

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Aftermarket Products, Installation and Support

Alternate Source for Buy America Compliance

Build, Test, Kit and Repair

Initial to Final Assembly

Inventory QA/QC and Control

RLC develops partnerships with organizations

to support and augment existing capabilities
whether the goal is to expand into the United States, or to increase local presence

MBTA logo

Client: MBTA

Vehicle: Wayside AVI

Provide custom built AVI cases, antenna and inductive loops for the Green Line Automate Vehicle Identification Project

Client: Hyundai Rotem

Vehicle: CTC/BTC Car

Inspect CTC/BTC Cars for fit form and function, make field modification/ corrections, track with approved documentation.

Nomad-Digital and Amtrak logos

Client: Nomad and Amtrak

Vehicle: Various Coach and Café Cars

Perform the installation of the Nomad passenger WiFi solution. RLC commissions equipment for proper operation, warranty support, creates electrical drawings & installation instructions.

Client: MTA Maryland

Vehicle: ABB LRV

Communication system upgrade and implementation, ETN, Diagnostics, Passenger Information, APC & wayside, Currently performing CDR's.

Keolis logo

Client: Keolis

Vehicle: Kawasaki, Bombardier, Pullman and MBB vehicles

On-going service, repair & calibrations to communications, control, HVAC & vital systems.

PanAm logo

Client: PanAm

Vehicle: Wayside

Wayside Signals, GE Electrocode, Battery Chargers & Power Supplies.