RL Controls Infrastructure Group

In support of Rail and Bus operations our Infrastructure Group provides a wide variety of integrated expert services. From station systems such as CCTV, Intrusion Detection, Access Control, LIDAR, to Wireless networks, and WiFi, and Ground Based Fiber and Wireless networks. RL Controls provides reliable cost-effective solutions that meet all your needs. We can provide a full turnkey solution, design, build, install, Integrate, test and service or complete any subset of these activities.

Our engineers are industry leaders with an unparalleled depth of experience with conventional commuter rail, light rail, high-speed rail, bus, wayside, yard and station systems. We offer clients a dynamic approach to any project’s design and implementation through our unique ability to draw on multidisciplinary resources. Each of our infrastructure disciplines work in tandem to seamlessly integrate complete design solutions that exceed client expectations.



  • Camera Surveillance Systems (CCTV)
  • Electronic Access Control Systems (EACS)
  • Passenger Assistance Telephone (PAT) systems
  • Intrusion Detection
  • System Integration


  • Ground Based Networks
  • Wireless Data Link Networks
  • Data Communications Systems
  • Arrival, Departure, and Advertising, LCD LED Signs
  • RF Networks
    • Wayside Vehicle Networks
    • Underground and Tunnel DAS Networks
    • Public Safety Networks
  • WiFi Networks
    • Passenger
    • Closed System High Security Network
    • Encrypted
worker on site railways construction


  • Infrastructure Design, Development and Installation
  • Commissioning/Testing
  • Round the Clock Maintenance and Service
  • Coast to Coast US Teams