Solutions, Services, Equipment and Software

RL Controls has been delivering solutions, services, equipment and software for Mass Transit for over 29 years.

Changing Environment

Technology is constantly changing, and new products are introduced daily, this makes the design and integration of disparate subsystems and software costly and can bring little value if the solution is not scalable or non-proprietary. As systems integrators, RL Controls leverages our engineering and technical experience to design and integrate solutions that are scalable, open sourced with COTS equipment and software to meet your short and long term objectives, while giving you freedom to upgrade with the latest technology from any OEM.

No Exceptions

RL Controls methodology to our solutions is very simple we work directly with the customer to understand the needs and requirements and design the best solution that meets all requirements. Because we have developed very strong relationships with multiple OEMs and are agnostic to equipment and software, we are uniquely positioned to deliver fully complaint, scalable, reliable solutions without exceptions.

Overcoming Limitations

RL Controls is experienced in assessing the limitations of systems and optimizing based on analysis and hard data. We select the right solution based on experience, analytical data, as well as the understanding of your long-term goals and objectives.